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Telopea speciosissima (Waratah)

Telopea speciosissima (Waratah)

SKU: R66

Seeds from a very vigorous red flowering seedling tree. Commonly known as Warratah, the name comes from the Eora Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the Sydney area. It means ‘red flowering tree’. The botanical name, although a handful,  is actually rather lovely once its translated, with ‘telopea’ meaning ‘seen from afar’ and ‘speciosissima’ meaning ‘most beautiful.

The large vivid red blooms attract the native birds to the garden. 

The flowers produce copious amounts of nectar, which can be sipped directly or used to make a sweet beverage or infused in oils for baking. 

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack


  • Germination

    Soak seed overnight in water before sowing seed on a porous seed raising mix and cover to the depth of the seed width.

    The waratah generally grows to 3 metres in height 

  • Usage

    The flower is used in a number of ways, including as a medicinal tonic , and by infusing water with the flavour of the blooms to create a sweet drink.

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