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Specialty seeds grown in and for Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Aunt's Garden is a small Northland-based business run from the gardens of two gardening obsessed friends. The idea for it was inspired when we had trouble finding affordable, fresh exotic seeds. We both share similar ethics and wanted to find a way to increase access to New Zealand grown tropical and exotic seeds without charging an arm and a leg. Between us, we have an interesting range of experience and specialties, both having focused on different areas of the plant world. Because of this, we are able to supply homegrown and harvested seeds from our own plants in our gardens, and we test the viability of everything before we sell them in our seed store.


We donate or gift a lot of the germination test plants, as well as remaining seed stock after we harvest, so our stock is constantly being refreshed and updated with fresh seeds. 

Our stock constantly changes depending on what is thriving and where our current interests lay, both of us grow for the enjoyment and our business runs completely off what we ourselves are currently growing.


We run various workshops / tours from the Kaikohe property and advertise them via our instagram and facebook accounts of the same name. 

We offer specialty seeds and giftware, with a lean towards permaculture and eco-friendly, and especially the unique and unusual.  


FB @AuntsGarden

INSTA aunts_garden

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