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Styrax japonica (Japanese snowdrop tree)

Styrax japonica (Japanese snowdrop tree)

SKU: R66

Needs a warm period and then a cold period for germination. Native to China and Japan – Perfect white bell-shape flowers with light fragrance nod gracefully along the branches. Dark green leaves about 2” long turn yellow before dropping in autumn. Decorative green fruit follows flowers into summer. The overall shape is upright and pyramidal with horizontal side branches, making a nice canopy. Grows 15-25’ tall and wide, sun-part shade.


  • Germination

    Styrax japonica (Japanese Snowdrop Tree) seeds

    These are relatively large seeds that can be planted under 15mm of covering. The planted seeds need to be kept at room temperature for two months, then kept cool (10-12°C) for two-three months, and then warmed up again. They can sometimes take a year to germinate so keeping the pot outside in the shade is recommended.

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack


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