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Salvia interrupta

Salvia interrupta

This not often seen Moroccan perennial shrub species
grows vigorously to half a metre or more in diameter from a
woody base. Nothing seems to eat or infect it so always looks perfect. Frost tolerant and seemingly does not mind huge amounts of rainfall at any season. Largish blue flowers on 60 cm tall spikes cover the plants from spring into summer.

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    20 seeds/packet

  • Germination

    Sow seeds directly in the garden 4mm deep and 30cm apart.
    Keep soil moist but never sopping wet or dry.
    Seeds should germinate in around 12-15 days at a soil temperature of 22-24°C.
    Young seedlings will need protection from pests, pets and weather until they are established.

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