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Puya alpestris

Puya alpestris

Spectacular Aqua/turquoise flowers. This is a most extraordinary color with the deepest sapphire blue and a green overtone, its an astounding sight to see. Puya alpestris is better known as the Sapphire Towers. This pineapple relative is from the Bromeliaceae family. Native of Chile. For several years the clump will gradually enlarge until it is about 2 feet tall. Being a slow grower, they can take up to 8 years to bloom but will bloom earlier under the right conditions. Puya alpestris is definitely a must-have plant. Leaves are 1-2 inches wide at their base and 2-3 feet long and silvery toned. In the spring Puya alpestris produces this Sapphire tower of blooms.
  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack


  • Germination

    Puya alpestris are very easy to germinate.  use free-draining perlite and potting mix - 50/50 mix.  Dampen the soil so it's lightly damp, then place 1 or 2 seeds on top, and sprinkle a very thin layer of soil on top - just enough to barely cover the seeds. Spray the topsoil with a spray bottle. If you have a heated propagation station with grow lights, I recommend using it, otherwise, put the container in a plastic bag to keep the humidity. Place the pots in a spot that's about 20 to 25  degrees, warm, and in a bright indirect. The seeds should sprout within 3-4 weeks, although allow up to 8 weeks for any slow ones.

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