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Passiflora manicata

Passiflora manicata / Red flowering passionfruit

A rampant cool season growing vine which flowers in spring
and again in autumn when the day length is between 12-13
hours long. Adult vines can take a few degrees of frost but it is best in warmer areas. The fruits are only 4-5 cm long and tasty

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    10 seeds/packet

  • Germination

    Seeds germinate unevenly and over a long time so be
    patient. Best sown in pots kept at room temperature. Once a
    few seedlings germinate, these can be carefully dug out and
    repotted and the remaining seeds allowed to sit for further

  • Care

    Passiflora manicata, or the Red flowering Passion vine, is a fast-growing climber native to South America. It thrives in Mediterranean climates with deep roots making it drought-resistant once established hence perfect for most areas of the Northern parts of NZ. While it can tolerate colder temperatures, mulching is advised in frost-prone areas.

    It prefers slightly alkaline, poor soils and flowers profusely in dappled shade with well-drained but moist soil. Its green oval fruits are edible when fully ripe but can be toxic when immature - as can all passionfruit. The plant's roots and leaves have medicinal uses, known to treat fevers and skin issues.

    Propagation is possible through fresh seeds or cuttings, and it attracts bees and butterflies with its bright red flowers. While best planted in the ground, it can also thrive in deep pots on patios with regular watering to prevent drying out.

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