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Nolana paradoxa ‘Blue Bird’

Nolana paradoxa ‘Blue Bird’

Closely related to the genus Petunia, nolanas are desert dwelling weakly perennial flowering plants mostly from the Atacama Desert in Chile. This species has sky blue flowers and slightly succulent leaves and is very quick to grow to flowering size. They like rich soils and do very well in tubs or large pots. Flowers are self-fertile so you should have plenty of seeds for following seasons. We believe we are the only source of these seeds in NZ.

  • Germination

    Seeds are have an ephemeral germination, meaning they germinate any time of the year when adequate water is available. Seeds are best soaked overnight to remove the germination inhibitor and then planted and treated as per normal.

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    20 seeds/packet

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