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Ferula communis

Ferula communis

A Mediterranean perennial that grows mainly over winter,dying down in summer if it is dry. The foliage is similar to garden fennel but does not smell. In late spring 2-3m tall flower spikes grow quickly from the stemless plants. Flowers are a bright yellow but smell unpleasant. Useful for its frost tolerant winter growth and spectacular flower stalks.

The lime-green leaves and soft fragrant-free foliage are great for borders that are brushed against. Prefers sun but can survive under trees. Culinary uses of this species are not safe and poisoning may occur

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    30 seeds/packet

  • Germination

    Seeds are large and will only germinate within the 10-15°C
    range. Seedlings can be started in pots but need to be
    planted out once they get their second leaf because they
    grow a very long taproot. Direct sowing gives good results if
    sown in late autumn into early spring. Seeds sown in
    summer will remain viable until the following autumn.

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