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Echinacea White Swan

Echinacea White Swan

SKU: A42

Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan' bears white, daisy-like flowers with drooping petals and a large, orange-green centre, on rigid stems. It's shorter than many other echinacea varieties, making it perfect for growing in containers or the middle of the herbaceous border. it needs to be noted that echinacea bloom in their second season, not their first. They are winter dormant so please ensure to tag the seedlings

  • Germination

    Echinacea seed

    If indoor sowing, It is best to stratify the seed for 7-10 days (pop in the fridge) to achieve good germination. Fill starter pots or trays with your choice of Seed Raising Mix. Sow seeds, lightly cover with mix, firm down, and gently water in well. Keep moist at all times and place in a warm and sheltered position until seedlings have grown to 5 cm tall, then plant into the garden.

    Alternatively, sow direct where they are to grow in rows or in scattered clumps around the garden. Cover with a 6mm layer of  soil. Lightly firm down and keep moist. 

    The soil temperature needs to be at least 21 degrees Celcius for germination which will take 7-10 days

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    20 or more seeds per pack

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