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Donation to the Food Bank

Donation to the Food Bank

Purchasing this digital donation will result in a non-perishable food item of the same value being donated to the local food bank in Russell at the end of the month. You will receive a photo of the item to be donated on the Wednesday following your order, to show you what your money contributed. The item will be within the price range of the purchase ( ie if you order a $1 donation, your non-perishable gift will be of the same value, if you order 5 of the $1 donations your contribution will be $5 of goods and so on. ) I will cover the website card fees, so there is no loss to the cause due to fees.

PLEASE NOTE - you will not receive a physical item in return for this donation. A photo will be emailed to you once the item is purchased. Items will be donated once a month.

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