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Dahlia ’1948’

Dahlia ’1948’

Dahlia ’1948’

A vigorous, tall growing (over 2m) seedling which flowers abundantly and from a very young age. Flower is pink and white, with the Flower characteristics remaining stable over three years. The flower stems are unusually long so excellent for cutting. This seedling was grown away from all other dahlias so seeds may be true to type but as it is a hybrid, all sorts of interesting traits can show up.


  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    20 seeds/packet


  • Germination

    Our favorite way of growing seeds is to sow in early spring or even late winter and transplant the seedlings out in the garden after the last frost. Sowing 5-6 seeds per pot gives good results The seedlings grow better when with others in the same container. Great as a back border and if  you have well drained soils they can be left in the ground over winter with many, if not most surviving. Or you can dig them in autumn as for other dahlias.

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