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Chinese Foxglove ( Rehmannia elata )

Chinese Foxglove ( Rehmannia elata )

Rehmannia elata Chinese Foxglove. A Perennial with large showy flowers over late spring and summer. Plants gradually spread if grown in a favourable location. During winter the plants die right down. A closely related species is one of the 50 plants in traditional Chinese medicine. Flowers are much larger than ordinary foxglove and flowering continues throughout summer and into autumn.

  • Germination

    Germinate seeds at warm temperatures in early spring for eventual transplanting into the garden at the start of summer. Seeds are small so cover the potting mix with a 5 mm deep layer of course sand and sow the seeds on top so that a light sprinkling will wash them down to a sheltered position.

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    30 seeds/packet

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