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Carica papaya  ‘Red Lady’ dwarf hybrid

Carica papaya ‘Red Lady’ dwarf hybrid

Carica papaya (Tropical Pawpaw) ‘Red Lady’ dwarf hybrid. Plants grow against a north-facing brick wall in Northland where they are wind and frost-protected. This is the dwarf variety that sets its first fruit at less than a meter high, can also grow in a low greenhouse (where the photo was taken).

We recommend growing them in greenhouses. This variety is very disease-resistant and a vigorous grower. Over winter the plants stop growing new leaves until the weather warms as the days become noticeably longer. Makes a good tropical-looking pot plant for a sunny indoor location. You may also like our Oak-leaf Pawpaw and our Vasconcellea hybrids !

  • Germination

    Soak seeds overnight in lukewarm water and keep the potting mix warm.

    Temperatures of 30-35°C speed up germination which can start in 10 days

    Seedlings need to be warm day and night for 2-3 months at which time they should be large enough to transplant or repot into a large tub..

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    10 seeds per packet.

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