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Canarina canariensis

Canarina canariensis

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Canarina canariensis

A most unexpected spectacularly flowering and fruit-bearing scrambling vine from the Canary Islands. The
flesh of the very ripe fruit is sweet and unique, almost apricot flavoured with a
fig-like texture. It is the only member of the
Campanulaceae family which bears edible fruit. It is a
strict winter grower, or more precisely, is summer
dormant which in the warmer parts of New Zealand make
it one of the easiest plants to grow in that during summer.
It dies back to its eventually large tuber, usually
reappearing in early April when plants rapidly produce a
shoot which grows straight up and will grow in and
through shrubs. It can also be easily trained up a trellis.
Unless living in a very dry summer area, it is best to grow
this special plant in a large tub. Even 300 mm diameter
pots will support fruiting vines and once they die down,
should be moved out of the rain to a dryish spot until April
or whenever the shoot new appears. Flowers need to be
pollinated to produce fruits, either with a small brush or
hopefully with the help of insects or birds so two or more
plants are necessary.


20 seeds/packet (cheapest prices world-wide!)

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    20 seeds/packet 

  • Germination

    Sow in spring, thinly and shallowly. They can be slow to germinate. Keep warm at around 15 to 20 degrees until they germinate

  • Care

    It is important not to keep them too warm in spring as warmth induces dormancy, and if this happens too early in the season, tuber growth will be poor and it will be prone to rotting. 

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