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Bauhinia yunnanensis  (Phanera yunnanensis)   “Yunnan Orchid Vine”

Bauhinia yunnanensis (Phanera yunnanensis) “Yunnan Orchid Vine”

SKU: R20

Only 12 packets available!

Bauhinia are usually trees but this species forms many viney stems which clamber through and on to other vegetation. Being frost sensitive, we assume it will only thrive in and north of Auckland but as it is rare and seldom planted, you can prove us wrong. Plants take two to three years to start to vine before which they are well mannered and suitable for pots where the attractive leaves create interest. Vines remain in leaf year-round but can be cut back heavily during Spring to remove the 2-3m long viney stems.

  • Germination

    Seeds are best soaked for 24 hours in warm water and germinated at 21-25°C. They start to germinate in two weeks but can take much longer so be patient. Keep seedlings potted for at least the first year before planting in a frost-free location.

  • Approximate minimum seed count

    6 seeds/packet

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