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Aster / Michaelmas Daisy / Callistephus chinensis

Aster ( Michaelmas Daisy / Callistephus chinensis )

The name aster derives from the Ancient Greek for ‘star’, describing the star-like shape of the flowers. While there isn’t much known about the origins and spread of this popular plant, we do know when they gained their popularity. Alpine Aster is a delightful little Aster who displays its tiny lavender blue, yellow eyed daisies in autumn. Plant in full sun.

Grows 15cm in height. Extremely hardy plants and self spreading. these are a plant that attract honey bees by the dozens. 

  • Germination

    When starting indoors, sow seeds  into a tray filled with a pre-moistened suitable growing medium.

    Cover the seeds with a thin layer of mix and press down gently to ensure soil contact around all parts of the seed. Mist the soil gently to saturate and place the tray in a warm, sunny spot to wait for germination.  Misters are available to order here  

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    20 seeds or more 

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