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Amaranthus cruentus ‘Mexican grain amaranth

Amaranthus cruentus ‘Mexican grain amaranth’

This variety has the blondest, lightest coloured seeds. Leaves
and inflorescences are totally green without pink or purple hues.
Tall summer growing annual that produces thousands of small
blond coloured seeds in autumn. Young seedlings are delicious
raw or cooked. The seeds can be cooked, ground to flour or dry
popped for use. If given room, grain amaranth can reach over
2m but if crowded, only half so. Tall plants may need to be
staked in windy areas. Best in full sun. 

  • Approximate minimum seed count per pack

    100 seeds/packet

  • Germination

    Seeds can be planted direct or sown in pots for transplanting at 3-4 weeks. If sowing direct, plant in November, if in pots, sow in October. If growing for grain, thin young seedlings for veggie use early before they reach 15 cm height.

    Leave the strongest for grain and give 20-30cm space between plants for maximum harvest.

    Seeds are shed once ripe so once the first seeds are expelled with a bit of finger manipulation of the seed head the whole plant should be cut and allowed to dry where the seeds can drop and be swept

    Using clean empty plastic garbage cans works well for 3-4
    plants placed upside down in each can. Shaking and a bit of
    beating releases most seeds, what remains makes good mulch.

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