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Dahlias and digital lessons

Did you know we offer digital lessons in various topics, along with exotic seeds? For just $5NZD get a downloadable PDF with step-by-step instructions to create cross pollinated hybrid Dahlias, propagate plants, or graft rainbow Hibiscus and multi-fruited stone fruit trees. Our guides are brief, easy to follow, and in our quest to always give back more than we take we also provide free printable activities for kids like coloring pages and scavenger hunts. Grown-up gardeners can find free printable growing sheets for our unique seeds. In response to popular demand, we now also have a self-paced 6-week online workshop for growing dahlias. For $25NZD , you get access to over 50 pages of information covering everything from growing to propagating and everything in between. Written in Northland New Zealand by Aunt's Gardens own flower farmer, it's based on her own experiences. Keep in mind that this is a guide meant to assist you on your gardening journey. There's no one-size-fits-all approach in gardening, and what works for one person may not work for another. However, we've created this resource to help new growers get started. Please note, this workshop is self paced and lasts 6 weeks from the time of purchase, after the 6 weeks it's no longer accessible so make sure to complete it during that time and take notes. click here to sign up! workshops

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