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Paper seed pot maker

Paper seed pot maker

Introducing the eco-friendly Paper Pot Maker, crafted from commercially biodegradable, non-toxic PLA. This handy wee tool allows you to create your own seed pots using simple newspaper strips, promoting sustainable gardening practices.


Just cut newspaper into 9 cm by 40 cm strips, avoiding shiny or heavily inked pages. Wrap the strip around the top cylinder, fold the overhanging paper into the base, and press into the base plate to form the pot. Slide off the cylinder and voila! Your biodegradable seed pot is ready to be filled with soil and seeds, reducing waste and nurturing your plants from the very start.

Made in-store by the owner of Aunt's Garden for our giftware range. 

  • Instructions

    Prepare the Newspaper: Cut strips of newspaper approximately 9 cm wide and 40 cm long. Avoid using shiny or heavily inked pages as these might contain chemicals not ideal for the soil.

    Wrap the Paper: Place the top cylinder of the pot maker on the strip of newspaper, leaving about 3 cm overhanging at one end. Roll the paper around the cylinder three times.

    Form the Base: Fold the overhanging paper into the cavity at the bottom of the cylinder. Press into the base plate to mold the paper into the base shape.

    Remove the Pot: Slide the formed pot off the cylinder. Your paper pot is now ready to be filled with soil and seeds​

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