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mini greenhouse options

These 3 drawer units make the BEST greenhouses and storage for seedlings. The smaller ones are easy to lift and move with your plants inside them, making fast storage a breeze if a storm blows in.

I sow my seeds in a very fine scoria / potting mix combo at the moment as I’m saving the sand for doing cuttings. I don’t poke holes in the trays, I just sow direct, write the name on the side of the container ( NOT the lid ) pop the lid on until germination and keep them in the storage drawers somewhere warm and sunny. Once the seeds are high enough that they’re nearly touching the lid of the plastic tub I then take the lid off and pack it away. Every day I remove the trays from the drawers to allow the seedlings to air out ( otherwise they get a bacterial mold that will kill them ). Every afternoon I pop them back in the drawers and close them for protection overnight from bugs and cooler temperatures. Another option is to use plastic storage bins, or even two cups if just doing a single plant. I also use three same-sized meat trays for seed and cutting prop, especially for things needing less light that have to stay indoors. - one with holes for drainage that the propagation happens in, one to sit under it and catch the water, and a third is upside down and used as the lid to keep the humidity in

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