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Koha collective , spreading joy

I love fresh flowers. Whether on the plant or in a bouquet, they make me feel happy in a way that is indescribable.

I like to share the feeling they give me, as well as the joy that an unexpected gift can bring.

A few years ago I started making bouquets out of what I had in my garden & randomly gifting them to anyone I came across. For someone with really severe anxiety, it was quite a step to approach people even with good intentions. The initial confusion I was met with followed by the smiles the flowers were received with, was a huge incentive to carry on with the gifting.

I plan to continue doing it but realised I really want to be a bit more organised.

I get flustered and forget to say the important parts ( like why I’m gifting a stranger flowers, and that there are no costs , no expectations, no requirements or any other strings attached ) , so I’ve created a small printable card with links to this post and information about the intention behind the free flowers , that can be attached to the bouquets for the recipient to read at their leasure. I would really love it if anyone who reads this that wants to participate, would join in by making a small posey of flowers and gifting them. Feel free to download and print the card at the top of this post to place with your bouquet or post photos prior to gifting with the hashtag #koha_collective

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Josi Riddle
Josi Riddle
05. Okt. 2020

What a lovely idea. I'm keen to do this.

Gefällt mir
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