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For phlox sake!

Phlox is such a wonderful easy grow plant. It's the perfect choice for a busy person who wants easy low maintenance but beautiful flowers.

It comes in a range of colors - from plain white to bright red and everything in between- and styles, it's easy to direct sow and a fast grower. you can pop it in a hanging basket, or sow into your garden beds for a lovely filler that's not only pretty but useful!

Various phlox species native to different North American climates had medicinal value among First Nation cultures. Specific parts or entire plants, used internally or externally, treating the following:

Cold symptoms

Body aches

Stomach aches



Eye irritation

Nerve numbness

Wild blue phlox tea has been made from the entire plant to treat stomach and intestinal problems, such as aches or indigestion. The tea made from dried Phlox leaves is thought to purify the blood and to treat skin conditions such as boils or eczema! like with any plant, always research first and contact your doctor before trying it - it might interfere with current prescriptions

These plants don't need much coddling, and in fact, they thrive with a bit of neglect as long as you provide their preferred growing environment. All phlox are nectar-rich, attracting butterflies, and bees!

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