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Doryanthus- palmeri - the swiss army knife of plants!


A truly beneficial plant for anyone looking to get into permaculture, edible landscaping, or survival gardening. It's one of my top-selling seeds in the store and a straightforward no-nonsense plant with a truly phenomenal flower. They are a great multipurpose plant that can be used for eating, cooking, sewing, weaving and fishing. On top of all of those uses, they also attract native birds when blooming!

uses -

Leaves are used to wrap meat or veggies for cooking on hot coals. Paperbark is used for the external layer.

The young spear shaft when about 1ft long and arm thickness can be cooked.

Roots and younger bulbs can be cooked.

Brushes- core fibre from leaf stem, (mid-rib) pounded makes brushes far better than bought ones.

Matting- the large entire leaf or strips.

Ropes- leaf strips, mid-rib fibres. Scraping leaf strips exposes fibres for fine cordage.

Spearfishing- shafts made from Gymea flower stem rebound and float.

seeds are available in my store for anyone looking to start some

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