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D.I.Y Whey, soft cheese, and lemonade!

this lemonade is fizzy! and sugarfree- it's made with sugar but the fermentation process eats the sugar to create the carbonation. here's the recipe in order of the steps that need to be taken. First, make the whey!

whey ingredients

- keto and diabetic friendly if instructions are followed

1 kg low-fat natural yoghurt 1 x clean tea towel 1 x long-handled wooden spoon 1 x deep bowl 1 x jar

Labne ingredients - keto and diabetic friendly

leftover yoghurt from whey

garlic chives other flavours of choice snap lock container

Whey instructions

place clean/sterile tea towel over a bowl so you can tip the yoghurt into it, then tie the four corners each to their diagonal counterpart to make a swag bundle you can hang off the wooden spoon. Place the bowl in the fridge, and then spoon over the bowl so the whey can strain into the bowl without the bottom of the swag hanging in the liquid- you may need to do this by placing something tall under either end of the spoon. leave to strain overnight then gently squeeze any remaining liquid into a bowl. the liquid is whey, place in a clean sterile jar and date.

Labne instructions

the remaining yoghurt is now a soft cream cheese consistency. gently tip into a bowl, scrape off as much as possible. add garlic chives and/or any chosen flavours, mix well then store in a container in the fridge for use as a dip, spread or on pasta. I can't give you use by unfortunately as mine doesn't last long enough to need one lol

fermented lemonade instructions

1 cup of lemon juice or another citrus 1/2 cup whey - see whey instructions 1/2 cup sugar 2 litres of water

1 x soft drink bottle

Add ingredients into 2 litres of filtered water in a plastic screw-top bottle, leaving a gap of around three or four inches from the top. gently tip the bottle a few times to mix. - plastic works better than glass as you can squeeze the bottle and literally feel the firmness once it's ready to drink, it will give easily up until its ready. keep the bottle in a warm spot out of direct sunlight until ready and then in the refrigerator. usually in heat, it takes 2 to four days, the fermentation creates the fizz and also eats the sugar and makes it sugar-free. the longer you ferment, the less sugar it has but the more vinegary it tastes. don't forget to keep checking the bottle or it will eventually explode!

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