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Capsicum pubescens (Black Seeded Chilli)

Capsicum pubescens (Black Seeded Chilli) There are two varieties, a red fruited one which is quite prostrate and an orange fruited type, which grows upright. Our seeds are a mixture of the two. Both are perennial and can withstand mild frosts. The fruit is the size of large plums with thick juicy flesh. The heat of this chilli species is moderate but as with other types, the large black seeds are extremely HOT. During winter (in frost free areas) the plants retain fruit and these become much milder.

The Rocoto is an heirloom chilli, originating high in the Andes. It is the most cold tolerant of all the chilli varieties. The plants will last for a number of years, and in warm climates will fruit year round.

It has purple flowers, and hairy leaves and the fruit has black seeds, which makes this an easily distinguishable chilli.

The pods of the Orange Rocoto are larger than a golf ball, and similar in shape to an apple. They mature to a deep but vibrant orange. They have thick and crunchy fruit, and are best eaten raw.

The Scoville Heat Unit of the Rocoto varies greatly - the milder sitting at about 30,000 Scoville Heat Units, with the hottest peaking at 250,000 Scoville Heat Units. There is also a red and yellow variety.

  • Germination Seeds need heat to germinate and can take up to 3 weeks. Seedlings are slow at first and should be allowed to reach 10 cm height before planting out in the garden. Also good as a pot plant.

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